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MyLA: Full list of Services

1. Family Law:
• Marriage /Divorce /Civil partnerships /Custody /Parental measures /Etc.
• International private law in general.
• Court representation throughout all the Spanish territory.

2. Civil Law:
• Real estate, buying / selling properties in Spain, renting, eviction, construction, etc.
• Extra contractual and contractual liability, debts and debt recovery, execution of contracts, Exequatur, etc.
• Legal assistance and litigation throughout all the Spanish territory.

3. Criminal Law:
• Main services: Defence in criminal trials; minors; Assistance to the detainee; Private accusation;
Assistance before Courts; Economic crimes: misappropriation, fraud, falsehoods, corporate crimes;
Traffic accidents, alcohol, speeding, disobedience to authority, reckless driving; Crimes against property: theft, theft, damage, fraud; Crimes against family rights and duties: abandonment of family, non-payment of pensions; Internet crimes, etc.

4. Labor Law:
• Legal advice and assistance in all types of proceedings in Court. Services: Contracts, Layoffs, Settlements and indemnities, Claims for quantity, Social Security, Substantial modification of working conditions, Work accidents, mobility, Work disabilities, medical discharges, Pensions, etc.

5. Immigration / International Mobility:
General: Procedures, Requirements, Residence, work and multiple visas; Work and residence permits;
Family reunification; Long-term residence; Student visas, mobility; Residence authorizations due to exceptional circumstances (Arraigo), Modifications and Renewal of authorizations; Return Authorization;
Minors of age; And in general, administrative and consular procedures related to foreigners. Legal assistance and Court representation. Lawsuits, Appeals, Request for consideration, Contentious Administrative appeals.

• Identification: NIE/TIE, Request of the Foreign residence permit number, Registry to the Tax Authority, Certificates, Stay renewal, Municipal registration certificate, Invitation letter, Registration certificate, Travel title.

• Nationality and Citizenship.
• EU Residents: Register certificate of the EU residents; modification, drop or cancelation of the register certificate for EU residents. Residence card for UE citizen relatives and Renewal. Register
certificate as a permanent UE resident.
• Non EU: Work and residence permits: Residence and work permit as an employed, or as a self-employed. Temporary residence and work permit renewal as a self-employed or as an employed.
Fixed term temporary residence and work permit as an employed. Permanent residence permit and residence renewal. Residence permits (family reunification, social roots, working roots, exceptional circumstances). Temporary renewal of the residence permit when the case (no working visa, reunification, etc.). Permit due to exceptional circumstances on the basis of international protection
reasons, on the basis of humanitarian reasons, due to cooperation with administrative, police, fiscal or judicial authorities, and other exceptional circumstances. Permits and Modifications of Permits:
Modification from the student residence permits situation, to the residence and work as an employed or a self-employed situation. Modification from the residence situation to the residence and work situation. Modification from the reunified residence permit to the residence and work situation. Modification from the EU or relative situation to the residence and work as an employed, as a self-employed, and no working residence situation.
• Students’ visas and permits: Student Visas, Research and studying permit, Renewal for research and studying permit, Visas for Student’s foreign relatives.
• PACK Golden Visa and Entrepreneurs Visa: Golden Visa: It includes Comprehensive consulting for Real Estate, Property burden checking, Sale / Purchase private contracts, Deeds and Notary Public attendance, Tax Processing and Real Estate Property Registration + Full Immigration File. Residence
and work permit as Entrepreneur -Invest in Spain: the full Pack includes Comprehensive
consulting for the Business plan and Tax advising + Full Immigration File.
• Family relocation: Full immigration assistance for relocation: Immigration services for both individual and family visas. Processing of governmental report to obtain residence visa on a basis of family reunification. Advice and processing of nonworking residence permit for high-ranking official relatives or similar, from their origin country until their arrival to Spain. Stay and residence for
minors. Assistance & Advice on: opening a Bank account, renting a flat, Degrees and school certificates, Medical & Health Insurances for students and nonworking residence, etc.
6. Taxation /International taxation: I hold a Master in taxation from a Spanish private school, a Master in international taxation from a public Spanish University, and an extensive practical experience in offering
assistance and advice on Taxes in Spain for foreigners such as:
• Tax procedures, sanctions, tax offense files;
• Tax planning for individuals; Tax on Companies, VAT, etc .;
• General transactions such as Buy/Sell properties, Income tax, Donations, Heritage and Inheritance Tax; Due Diligence, Etc.
• International taxation: Taxation of impatriates and expatriates; mobility, Non Resident Tax Declaration, etc.

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